To learn the violin you must take lessons and train with the best teacher you can find. The reason for this is because the violin is the most complicated musical instrument in existence, and it is absolutely impossible to learn online. You need not only a great teacher but also a proper school that has the tradition and experience to maintain violin classes.

Our violin teachers will help you to explore the world of classical music for violinists of all levels of students that wish to learn this complex instrument.  We will teach you how to hold it, tune it, the violin fingerboard, positions, bowing techniques, and all other aspects of the violin.

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Violin / Piano / Music Theory

Olga Grebenchuk is a talented artist and teacher. Many of her students are among leading performers that have become successful teachers themselves. She has over 25 years of teaching experience.

Olga obtained her diploma from Music University, City of Odessa, in the former USSR. She is also well known as an active artist of various symphony orchestras, has a great tradition and experience in maintaining violin classes. Her teaching method explores the world of classical music for violinists at all levels.